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Go Straight to Jail ~ for 16 cents

Alcatraz Escape Cell

Image by derekskey via Flickr

I asked the counter person at Arby’s today if they had senior soda. They did. So I got a small soda with my great Jr. Buffalo Chicken sandwich for a total of $1.07. As I sat eating my sandwich, feeling fortunate that I am a “senior” I reflected on 20-30 years ago, when my sister and her husband hit hard times.

It was winter in Texas, and not a lot of yard work to do, which was how they lived from week to week. They were also dumpster diving resellers. They would fix the broken, polish the dirty, and resell their “free” treasures. It was hard enough just to keep warm, much less keeping something in the pantry.

One afternoon, they went into a café, and ordered hot water. Then they mixed the hot water with ketchup, and ate the crackers on the table. Back then, crackers were on the table with the salt, pepper, and sugar, ketchup and mustard. When they finished, the waitress gave them the bill for 16¢, what the waitress decided was fair for the 16 packs of crackers they ate. They couldn’t even pay that.

So the waitress called the police to have them thrown in jail for vagrancy. When the officer heard the story, he looked at the waitress in disbelief. He reached into his pocket, plopped a quarter down telling the waitress to keep the change.

I miss my sister. She had a very hard life, and died of cancer two years ago. My head holds back the tears in my heart thinking of this story. Human kindness of that police officer kept the two out of jail…but what about the waitress? Did the event have any lasting effect on her? I hope so. I have forgiven her, someone has to.


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Techno Stuff!

41 Sun Sets over Charter Fishing Boats

Image by Old Shoe Woman via Flickr

Today is the day my son was born many, many years ago.  I am so pleased with him, how he takes care of me, looks in on me, and buys me techno stuff that he has to teach me to use.

One such item was an iPhone, two years ago, when they were relatively still new on the market, maybe.  To this day, I have not learned how to download from the apps store.  I did download the King Neptune’s Charter Fishing tours, and Craigslist, but anything else was to technical for me.

However, my life was definitely influenced by this gift.  You see, I will never forget, after just six months of ownership , one of the features became second nature, an expected techno to work on other things.

You see, I still watch a television that has small screen with a thick back and is heavy to move.  One day, on my couch, I reached out with my thumb and forefinger,  separating them in the air in an attempt to widen the screen for better viewing.

I felt like an idiot, but laughed just the same.


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Got a Live One Folks!

I surfed around WordPress’s Freshly Pressed and found this lovely new blog.  It’s a real promise of laughter to come as Joel has just started his blog, and it’s a hoot!

Talk about new!!!  Just created this month, it is too funny.  At least to me.  Keep up the good work Joel, all the best to you.

Well, I have to get back to my other work, see ya tomorrow.


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Hard evening at the post!

This week I am reviewing a couple of posts I visit for my part in the RandomPost Challenge 2011.  I know its me, but I am having a difficult time finding bust-a-gut humor today.

I’ve found real cute, and the turned-up smile, even a giggle…like in Pattie’s Glitz Glamor and Gas, post, and I found her poetry humor pretty funny;

Finding a gut buster, however, has been hard, but I know it’s just the mood I’m in. Kinda like this poor cat.

You think you're busy?!!

You Busy?!! I could use a little help here.


Just for fun, the Magnificent Minimalist is a great place to relax and have a laugh or two.  She’s a relatively new blogger, (not to me.) Someday she is sure to be syndicated!! You will get more from it if you start from the beginning.

Finally, there is a guy, William Panara, with a blog called “topiclessbar” that makes me laugh, and cry sometimes. Can’t leave a comment there, but you might get so involved in his really good stories about his travels that you don’t need too.

That’s all for now. Will return to regular scheduled programing .


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Random Blog Reading / Commenting Challenge

YAHUAH:Jehovah YHUH Modern Hebrew

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There is a movement going on started by one of my favorite blogger’s, that I find pretty darn cool.  It is a challenge to read/comment on at least two new blog post a day. A day. Okay, let me repeat myself, A DAY!  I accept this challenge, and hope to carry out the task.  Adding random acts of kindness, a challenge that shouldn’t be limited to a special week, but rather performed several times throughout the year, is a great reminder of they way we should treat one another all the time.

So, I’ve added the random blog reading to my list of activities this week, (thank you Rosemary!)….hope to find ways of promoting other’s blogs this week, and commenting on them here in my WordPress‘s daily challenge of posting this week.  One thing this challenge will do for me is to hone some of these backtrack, er, trackback pingy things…oh, you know what I mean, or else you are in my boat too, and we are without a captain. 😐

And if I have an inspired (writing) geniuses of my own, I will attempt at least to give a summary of it…Not so much for your viewing pleasure, as it is to remind me of what it was I thought about, so I can attend to it sometime throughout this year.

The “Random Acts” thing, well, I think I already do that, so I don’t need to join that…..or list any act that I have done, or will do, that is between me and my God, Jehovah.


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Do Things Happen for a Reason?

write or be written off

Image by Djuliet via Flickr

YES. Things happen for a reason. Let me explain:

If I wear clothes, they get dirty.  if they get dirty, they stink. If I wear them dirty, I offend others.  Others are the reason I wear clothes.

If I don’t wear clothes, they don’t get dirty, nor will they stink, however, I might get a cold, on top of being arrested for indecent exposure,  spreading germs to other cell mates.  My actions cause me my own grief, and the grief of others.

If I wear clothes, and wash them before wearing them again, no one notices.  I am happier when I go unnoticed.

Somehow I think this can apply to my Blog:

If we write something that stinks, others get bored, so write to teach or entertain others, not just ourselves.

If we do not write daily or follow others’ that link to good writing tips, we can not improve our skills, therefore we are only taking up space exploring our needs, we are unaware of others.

If we have accepted a challenge from WordPress, and write fresh things daily/weekly, we might go unnoticed, but still be happy from our continual improvements.

WARNING: If by chance we are fresh pressed, then we are no longer in our “un~awares”  We should keep in mind that could happen to anyone, even us amateurs.


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WACKY ADVICE: And the beat goes on…

SP 1518, the first EMD SD7 built.

Image via Wikipedia

I had this English teacher, her name was Mom.  She got her paychecks from Southern Pacific Railroad, but she should have been a teacher of English.  I thought at first the wackiest thing she ever told me was I could not start a sentence with “and.” 

And, I was wrong! The wackiest, yet most useful of advice she gave me came with her response to every story I told her. Two or three times she would interrupt me with, “No, I don’t know, are you going to tell me?” 

This stumped me for months! After all, I just told her, how could she not know?  I finally got enough moxie to ask what did she mean.  Come to find out, my words at every pause was, “You know?”

She had the patience of Job, cause I know it must have made her skin crawl  every time I used that nonsense phrase.  She certainly made me aware of the real words coming out of my mouth.

Mom would also grab my hands while I was talking. It startled me so, I shut-up immediately….frozen like a deer caught in headlights

And she would laugh so hard.  I didn’t think it was funny. 

She said I was part Italian from somewhere, cause I just couldn’t talk without waving my hands in the air like a shadow boxer.


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