Money in My House

sigh, ain’t it so.

A Holistic Journey

Math lesson: “Mom’s money is Mom’s money and Daddy’s money is Mom’s money.”


Boy: Counting, recounting the money he earned folding laundry this month. Saving for a tablet. “$7.50. I have a long way to go to get to $200.”

Mom bites lip, looks up at ceiling. He doesn’t know she borrowed the $120 he made as a child study in a psychology program. Last year.



Daddy: “Daddy’s sad because he lost his wallet.”
Boy: “Oh, that means will be poor now.”

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I really enjoyed this


by Merrill Sunderland



Few people are ever willing to barter with the boy: to trade a back rub for a neck rub, for instance, or a foot massage for a scalp massage. And those who even occasionally entertain such requests, he abuses without a second’s though. He becomes animal. He nudges and whimpers and lies down for them, his belly flat on the carpet.

The hair on his back, the boy has seen from pictures, is cropped like the ears of a Pit Bull. It has the shape of an angel’s wings at rest. But there is certainly nothing angelic about his back hair; it is curly and thick and has twice been waxed off, only to grow back at least as curly and thick as before. It gives him fits in the hot summer months. The back of his shirt is always the first spot where gray…

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Hello Visitor

Well, guess there’s no “pressure” now to perform the duty of 365/24/7 in writing….guess it can just be a venture, a journey, something pleasant to do now that 2011 is over.
I was pleasantly surprised by a recent visitor, a lovely woman!! I wonder if I know her? I feel like I know her, but, it has been so long since I even opened WordPress!
Anyway, thank you miss Barb for the visit…hope to get to know you better in the next few months.


a the time of this writing, and for future reference, I am not yet doing this to please others.

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Posting from iPhone

My next post might not make total sense, as I am in hospital waiting surgery. I attempted to write random thoughts about it, in between IV changes, Dr visits, forms to sign, and other various things going on.
Each time I would try to resume, I could not view what I had written, or go to the last word from this iPhone.
Be have patience, I feel I will do better after the recuperation.
I am so very glad (little scared, as all body invasions have some risks)

I thank God for all the wonderful support from my spiritual family, my son, my blood family and my cyber friends & supporters-you
Be Blessed.
I do love you.


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An “Awww” kitty moment

” title=”Kitty Dreaming”>

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I don’t like whining…however

Shalom Television

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It hit me again.  That feeling of worthlessness.  I know I am not…so why these bouts come I can not figure out. I am taking my meds properly. Yet…I went through several days now of nothingness…I got up, took my meds, sat in front of my TV and played with my cat, went to bed and got up again….I can not even remember what if anything I ate.

I want so much to tackle my new home, make a, a, a place of refuge, peace.

Today, I forced myself to come down here to the computer room and write….many of my neighbors greeted me as if they actually knew me…it was a comfort. 




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New Start (Again)

12 blue rubbish bins arranged in a circle.

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Well, I would like to say the move is over, but the only part that is over is the change of residence.   I am in my new apartment, and all is well.  The real move work is just beginning however, with the finding the proper place for things. (Many times, the “proper place” has been the trash bin.) I found this Stonehenge like Trash Bins photo to represent a faux healing power of tossing things out.  True enough, this work will be more fun…but right now, it is just frustrating…I am walking around boxes.  The neat thing is all the boxes my friend packed are labeled with the contents…what a concept!  You would think with all the moves I have made in my lifetime I would have caught on.  I get in such a hurry to get things packed, I have been known to start labeling, but by the end of the day, just putting anything in a box that will fit!  Those are the boxes that are like opening a present…never know what I might find.

This is a great senior community.  I have met many of the residence members already. There is an outside water feature that many call a pool.  It strikes me as funny to call it a “pool” ’cause it is only 4 feet deep at the deepest part. Guess it is a safety feature, as anyone over 9 years old can able to walk from end to end, touching bottom. My new community has a room downstairs with 4 computers for any resident to use. I am on one now…its not the greatest, but it is free.  So, untill I decide to have a private internet service provider in my apartment, I will use this free one. 

I knew two nights ago I needed to get back when I woke up from a dream about praising one of the bloggers I read regularly. I have been lax on that as well with the move.  I tried to remember just what it was I thought I read, so I could write about it…but alas, I forgot when I finally got up.  But I’m back, regardless. 



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