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New Start (Again)

12 blue rubbish bins arranged in a circle.

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Well, I would like to say the move is over, but the only part that is over is the change of residence.   I am in my new apartment, and all is well.  The real move work is just beginning however, with the finding the proper place for things. (Many times, the “proper place” has been the trash bin.) I found this Stonehenge like Trash Bins photo to represent a faux healing power of tossing things out.  True enough, this work will be more fun…but right now, it is just frustrating…I am walking around boxes.  The neat thing is all the boxes my friend packed are labeled with the contents…what a concept!  You would think with all the moves I have made in my lifetime I would have caught on.  I get in such a hurry to get things packed, I have been known to start labeling, but by the end of the day, just putting anything in a box that will fit!  Those are the boxes that are like opening a present…never know what I might find.

This is a great senior community.  I have met many of the residence members already. There is an outside water feature that many call a pool.  It strikes me as funny to call it a “pool” ’cause it is only 4 feet deep at the deepest part. Guess it is a safety feature, as anyone over 9 years old can able to walk from end to end, touching bottom. My new community has a room downstairs with 4 computers for any resident to use. I am on one now…its not the greatest, but it is free.  So, untill I decide to have a private internet service provider in my apartment, I will use this free one. 

I knew two nights ago I needed to get back when I woke up from a dream about praising one of the bloggers I read regularly. I have been lax on that as well with the move.  I tried to remember just what it was I thought I read, so I could write about it…but alas, I forgot when I finally got up.  But I’m back, regardless. 



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Go Straight to Jail ~ for 16 cents

Alcatraz Escape Cell

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I asked the counter person at Arby’s today if they had senior soda. They did. So I got a small soda with my great Jr. Buffalo Chicken sandwich for a total of $1.07. As I sat eating my sandwich, feeling fortunate that I am a “senior” I reflected on 20-30 years ago, when my sister and her husband hit hard times.

It was winter in Texas, and not a lot of yard work to do, which was how they lived from week to week. They were also dumpster diving resellers. They would fix the broken, polish the dirty, and resell their “free” treasures. It was hard enough just to keep warm, much less keeping something in the pantry.

One afternoon, they went into a café, and ordered hot water. Then they mixed the hot water with ketchup, and ate the crackers on the table. Back then, crackers were on the table with the salt, pepper, and sugar, ketchup and mustard. When they finished, the waitress gave them the bill for 16¢, what the waitress decided was fair for the 16 packs of crackers they ate. They couldn’t even pay that.

So the waitress called the police to have them thrown in jail for vagrancy. When the officer heard the story, he looked at the waitress in disbelief. He reached into his pocket, plopped a quarter down telling the waitress to keep the change.

I miss my sister. She had a very hard life, and died of cancer two years ago. My head holds back the tears in my heart thinking of this story. Human kindness of that police officer kept the two out of jail…but what about the waitress? Did the event have any lasting effect on her? I hope so. I have forgiven her, someone has to.


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Doing Ten Minutes

Pens on Parade

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I have over 200 emails to attend to, a house that is an embarrassment today, 1 to 5 Dr. appointments every week for the next 3 months.  However, I must say, The 7 Tips for Better Witing Habits is very helpful in alleviating that guilt, shame and contentment I have for the procrastination of my life’s responsibilities.

Setting aside a specific 10 minutes each day will make your efforts successful.  I can do 10 minutes.  No matter what the project, it is all a part of my declared necessity for my well-being, whether household chores or developing a writing routine.  Allowing for 10 minutes to increase naturally,  writers soon discover that unplanned writing takes on a life of its own.

Ten minutes can easily turn into 20, 30, 45 minutes before you notice…even in “planned” writings, the characters often come to life without provocation…going in a direction the author had no previous though of.  It is a nature of creating the story.


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