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My Given Name

Recently many topic suggestions have perked up inspiration.   This one reminds me of the time while i was working for the Department of Motor Vehicles, a lady came up to my desk and plopped down a title to a Cadillac and said, “I want to put this car in her name.”

I was shocked, as the name was my full name!  I asked in a shocking surprised way, “Why?”  Of course the lady cocked her head and answered back just as surprised that I would ask such a question and replied, “This is my sister, and I want to give her my Cadillac.”

I explained my curiosity, that the name on the title was my exact name, down to the  exact spelling of my first, middle, and last name, even the “ey” of Kelley.

She asked me if I knew the difference of Kelly and Kelley.  I had no idea.

In Ireland, where conflicts were going on between religious factions, Kelly is Catholic, while Kelley was a later spelling, representing “of protestant belief”. I could not find anything on the net to verify this story.  I do not know if it is still that way today, but I thought it interesting fact to learn.

It turns out that there are more Kelley, Kelly, and O’ Kelley, in America and Britain  than in Ireland, but in Ireland, it is the second most common name behind Murphy.  It means “bright haired ones.”


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Sorry for any inconvenience….

Diagram of the sending of spam e-mail.

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For those that know me from WordPress, I am still not back yet. I have read some of your writings, and commented on a couple post and illustration, photos, etc via my phone, but I’m not back yet.


The specific inconvenience I’m talking about is the fact that some how, some thing got into my contacts list of my email site and send bogus emails to EVERYONE!!! I had heard of this sort of thing happening, but since I never surfed around all that much with interactive sites, like chats  or BLOGS, and things like Facebook and twitter….nothing ever really happened to me except a bit of Spy-ware and Spam.

But this sickens me.  I had to find a way to apologize for something I don’t even know how it happened.

Friends I haven’t email in years got this yucky stuff. I found out what was happening when someone phoned me, and another told me in person.

I have checked my email via my phone, but sometime on about the 27th of April, my email was bombarded by about 40-50 delivery failures…. yes, home-depot, Joyce Meyer Ministries, and all the things on Craig’s list I sent to myself hoping to buy someday were “undeliverable”.

Was that the “breech” WordPress spoke of a while back?  How can anyone send out bogus ads to everyone I have in my contacts…

And did it infect others???  And why haven’t any of the anti-spy, virus protectors I’ve used not found it.

Was it a “hit and run kind of worm or trojan?  Is it gone? I have no idea.

M y apologies to you if you were in my contacts and received one or more of these stupid things that looks like I’m a blithering idiot.  You would think if you get something like ” jiowsuodfkwhfo ” it would NOT BE A LEGITIMATE link to something worthwhile.  However, like I said, some of these people I have had in my contacts for years….and might have thought it really was ME!

Well, I erased everyone in my contacts list…send a DON’T OPEN ANY OF MY EMAILs to as many as I could remember, and copied some of the addresses from the delivery failure list I saw….


And for those that remember me here, I’m still not back.

I will come back and “Unauthorize” Face Book, Twitter, and messenger, etc from updating, and remove my personal email from random access in my WordPress blog.  I can think of what else to do.


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This week’s Photo Topic “Old”

Can you image the sound of rows of desks with these, cranking out the letters, addressing envelopes, and doing payroll?


It was modern in its day

This is so old, the carriage is frozen, the ink ribbon, worn and tattered.

Taken with my iPhone, the only camera I own.


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For Amazing Ladies in my Life

Ahava ('love' in Hebrew), Cor-ten steel sculpt...

Ahava ('love' in Hebrew), Cor-ten steel sculpture

I dedicate this video to:

Rose, Patricia, Jeraldine, Lenore, Aunt Dee, and Paula, who I miss greatly!

Joceline and Barbara, whose heart is pure love! (Luv ya Heart!)

PiP, Stacey, Shelley, Donna and Stef, lady friends I’ve met via WordPress!

and Judy, Debbie, Jayme, and Darlene, friends for life.

and all the other beautiful women in the world!


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Go Straight to Jail ~ for 16 cents

Alcatraz Escape Cell

Image by derekskey via Flickr

I asked the counter person at Arby’s today if they had senior soda. They did. So I got a small soda with my great Jr. Buffalo Chicken sandwich for a total of $1.07. As I sat eating my sandwich, feeling fortunate that I am a “senior” I reflected on 20-30 years ago, when my sister and her husband hit hard times.

It was winter in Texas, and not a lot of yard work to do, which was how they lived from week to week. They were also dumpster diving resellers. They would fix the broken, polish the dirty, and resell their “free” treasures. It was hard enough just to keep warm, much less keeping something in the pantry.

One afternoon, they went into a café, and ordered hot water. Then they mixed the hot water with ketchup, and ate the crackers on the table. Back then, crackers were on the table with the salt, pepper, and sugar, ketchup and mustard. When they finished, the waitress gave them the bill for 16¢, what the waitress decided was fair for the 16 packs of crackers they ate. They couldn’t even pay that.

So the waitress called the police to have them thrown in jail for vagrancy. When the officer heard the story, he looked at the waitress in disbelief. He reached into his pocket, plopped a quarter down telling the waitress to keep the change.

I miss my sister. She had a very hard life, and died of cancer two years ago. My head holds back the tears in my heart thinking of this story. Human kindness of that police officer kept the two out of jail…but what about the waitress? Did the event have any lasting effect on her? I hope so. I have forgiven her, someone has to.


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Road Trip

Author (User:BQZip01) in a jet wearing appropr...

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This week I’ve been so busy getting ready for my road trip to a V.A. Clinic/Hospital that is 83 miles one way, for an overnight stay, so the posts I’ve made were scheduled in advance.

Most of the post were things that made me laugh from the creative minds of others.  If you missed them, go back and take a look and have a laugh.

The overnight test is complete.  It is clear that I have another condition to add to my résumé.  Apparently I stop breathing during the night, depriving my brain of oxygen.

No problem. The fix is to wear a mask in the night specifically fitted for my needs personally.  Actually I am looking forward to using it, giving me more energy in the daylight hours.

We will see, or breathe anyway.

May be I can take flying lessons. 😀


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Computer Helps: Clearing cache and cookies

Opie thought he would find a kewl looking girl...

Image by turtlemom4bacon via Flickr

I truly dislike it when my computer starts dragging, and freezing.  It is time to clean up what the cat might have dragged in. I follow the instructions I found here. It  helps tremendously.

Clearing cache and cookies : Cookies – Accounts Help.

I think I just learned how to make the short-link appear…not sure though.


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May I have a minute of your time?



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Another Viewpoint

This is all I want to share today!


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Image by francoisemartin75 via Flickr

Yes, there was a time, not so many years ago that computers were for major businesses, not a household item. And they filled large rooms with their tremendous  mass.  Now of course, one’s computer can fit in the palm of your hand.  I didn’t want the ball~n~chain of a cell phone….My sister Patricia saw to it that I had one, seeing I would be paying the bill for it.

First, e-mail.  The first email address I obtained was in 1997 or 1998.  I no longer have that “free Hotmail” account that I started with, but did keep my first Yahoo account.  as a daughter-in-law gave the name to me.  I love the name still, but only use it once or twice a year, to see if she sends me any pictures of my grandson.  I still hate emails that people forward over and over, (especially those that have some silly superstitious have to “forward” or else chain letters kind.)  I used to go through the letter and remove all that garbage and send it back to whoever sent it to me.  It was aggravating that they probably didn’t even read the changes I made and just sent it back. Grrrr.

Then came Facebook.  I learned to hate Facebook very quickly because of all the request to play games.  At first, I tried to keep up with the virtual farms, and hugs, and causes, and filling the blank games, but it became too much for me, so I quit Facebook.  Yes, I explained to my friends and family that I don’t do those virtual hogwash things, just talk to me, say, “Hi, thought about you!” That would be simple enough!!  But to no avail, my words still fall on deaf ears! 

I know via Rosemary’s post that Tweeting actually benefited a fellow blogger in Japan on the day of one of the recent great earthquakes.  However, in my ignorance I want to stay, and not Twitter Tweet, because its seems just one more thing people will use for stupid games. 

Sigh, alas…I will have to learn it I know…but I am a bit desirous of the simpler days of the phone ringing and ringing till you answered, or was busy if you were on it and they would have to call back again.


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