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I don’t like whining…however

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It hit me again.  That feeling of worthlessness.  I know I am not…so why these bouts come I can not figure out. I am taking my meds properly. Yet…I went through several days now of nothingness…I got up, took my meds, sat in front of my TV and played with my cat, went to bed and got up again….I can not even remember what if anything I ate.

I want so much to tackle my new home, make a, a, a place of refuge, peace.

Today, I forced myself to come down here to the computer room and write….many of my neighbors greeted me as if they actually knew me…it was a comfort. 




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Sorry for any inconvenience….

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For those that know me from WordPress, I am still not back yet. I have read some of your writings, and commented on a couple post and illustration, photos, etc via my phone, but I’m not back yet.


The specific inconvenience I’m talking about is the fact that some how, some thing got into my contacts list of my email site and send bogus emails to EVERYONE!!! I had heard of this sort of thing happening, but since I never surfed around all that much with interactive sites, like chats  or BLOGS, and things like Facebook and twitter….nothing ever really happened to me except a bit of Spy-ware and Spam.

But this sickens me.  I had to find a way to apologize for something I don’t even know how it happened.

Friends I haven’t email in years got this yucky stuff. I found out what was happening when someone phoned me, and another told me in person.

I have checked my email via my phone, but sometime on about the 27th of April, my email was bombarded by about 40-50 delivery failures…. yes, home-depot, Joyce Meyer Ministries, and all the things on Craig’s list I sent to myself hoping to buy someday were “undeliverable”.

Was that the “breech” WordPress spoke of a while back?  How can anyone send out bogus ads to everyone I have in my contacts…

And did it infect others???  And why haven’t any of the anti-spy, virus protectors I’ve used not found it.

Was it a “hit and run kind of worm or trojan?  Is it gone? I have no idea.

M y apologies to you if you were in my contacts and received one or more of these stupid things that looks like I’m a blithering idiot.  You would think if you get something like ” jiowsuodfkwhfo ” it would NOT BE A LEGITIMATE link to something worthwhile.  However, like I said, some of these people I have had in my contacts for years….and might have thought it really was ME!

Well, I erased everyone in my contacts list…send a DON’T OPEN ANY OF MY EMAILs to as many as I could remember, and copied some of the addresses from the delivery failure list I saw….


And for those that remember me here, I’m still not back.

I will come back and “Unauthorize” Face Book, Twitter, and messenger, etc from updating, and remove my personal email from random access in my WordPress blog.  I can think of what else to do.


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