Posting from iPhone

My next post might not make total sense, as I am in hospital waiting surgery. I attempted to write random thoughts about it, in between IV changes, Dr visits, forms to sign, and other various things going on.
Each time I would try to resume, I could not view what I had written, or go to the last word from this iPhone.
Be have patience, I feel I will do better after the recuperation.
I am so very glad (little scared, as all body invasions have some risks)

I thank God for all the wonderful support from my spiritual family, my son, my blood family and my cyber friends & supporters-you
Be Blessed.
I do love you.


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4 responses to “Posting from iPhone

  1. hope everything goes well and you have a short and smooth recovery time. we will be here when you can get back to us.

  2. sending healing energies your way!

  3. Get well soon & hope it all goes well for you.

  4. I didn’t die. That’s a good thing.
    I am inspired, by a fellow blogger I found on FB.

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