I don’t like whining…however

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It hit me again.  That feeling of worthlessness.  I know I am not…so why these bouts come I can not figure out. I am taking my meds properly. Yet…I went through several days now of nothingness…I got up, took my meds, sat in front of my TV and played with my cat, went to bed and got up again….I can not even remember what if anything I ate.

I want so much to tackle my new home, make a, a, a place of refuge, peace.

Today, I forced myself to come down here to the computer room and write….many of my neighbors greeted me as if they actually knew me…it was a comfort. 





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7 responses to “I don’t like whining…however

  1. Hey,
    Com on…try writing down a couple of things you want to achieve each day. Nothing ambitious, just a couple of goals to start each day. 🙂

    • Thanks PiP! I didn’t actually write them down, I did them 🙂 I feel so much better..saw these comments from my phone, so desided to add coming back down to tell ya!

      • Com on JC where’s your next post? I’ve not seen anything come thru so thought I would pop across and see where you were :)Lost for inspiration…just tell us what you see from your window, how you feel…but don’t disappear. DONt give in

  2. try tackling one thing at a time towards your turning your new home into that place of peace. I’m sometimes thunderstruck at how often feelings of worthlessness can pop up. Even when you think you’ve gotten past them. The other day, when i posted the story about The Lady and the Crone, I heard “Joceline, why aren’t you publishing your stuff?” and my automatic response was “Who wants to read my shit?” Man, that popped up out of nowhere. “Old tapes”. All that to say you are not alone, never alone!

    • Well me ladies, thanks so much for your encouragements…I have made a move…meaning got out of the “funk”. I accomplished a few things and feel really good about it. Joss, I was so grateful for your story…it healed my heart, and replenished my soul.

  3. Hang in there. Those feelings eventually pass which is easy to say but often harder to deal with until they do pass. I am on meds for anxiety disorder & they seem to keep me happy most of the time. When I do have a bit of an anxiety attack it does feel like it will never go away at the time. I find blogging a great therapy for keeping my mind off the problem feelings.

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