My Given Name

Recently many topic suggestions have perked up inspiration.   This one reminds me of the time while i was working for the Department of Motor Vehicles, a lady came up to my desk and plopped down a title to a Cadillac and said, “I want to put this car in her name.”

I was shocked, as the name was my full name!  I asked in a shocking surprised way, “Why?”  Of course the lady cocked her head and answered back just as surprised that I would ask such a question and replied, “This is my sister, and I want to give her my Cadillac.”

I explained my curiosity, that the name on the title was my exact name, down to the  exact spelling of my first, middle, and last name, even the “ey” of Kelley.

She asked me if I knew the difference of Kelly and Kelley.  I had no idea.

In Ireland, where conflicts were going on between religious factions, Kelly is Catholic, while Kelley was a later spelling, representing “of protestant belief”. I could not find anything on the net to verify this story.  I do not know if it is still that way today, but I thought it interesting fact to learn.

It turns out that there are more Kelley, Kelly, and O’ Kelley, in America and Britain  than in Ireland, but in Ireland, it is the second most common name behind Murphy.  It means “bright haired ones.”


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2 responses to “My Given Name

  1. Wow what a coincidence on the same name as yours. What would be the chance of that happening to many people . Even her having the same middle name. I am now going to Google my full name & see if there are any more of me around.

  2. little connections always make the day more interesting, don’t they?

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