Simple Theme, Intricate Love

À l'aide...!!!

Image by Denis Collette...!!! via Flickr

The Waiting” gives the reader the simplicity of a clean, clutter-free blog, focusing on the day-to-day feelings of a lover, waiting from a distance. The picture to the right has no correlation, (unless I can invent one) as it is just something I found and liked.


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5 responses to “Simple Theme, Intricate Love

  1. I like the picture but I don’t understand…sorry I am being a bit thick but I was deprived of sleep last night and my braincell is now malfunctioning as batteries were not recharged properly!
    Be back later 🙂

    • Its no wonder PiP, its not you, the post is missing…..I was looking for it in my dashboard in saved drafts and couldnt find it…guess it got lost somewhere in ‘virtual’ space. LOL I must have scheduled the post to appear today sometime last week…no worries. Human error created this one. Thanks for the heads up on it. 😳

  2. Tony McGurk

    I don’t really follow this one either. But I like the cute Puddy Tat photo

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