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Crooked Lights

The Currents of my Thoughts

The “clatter” in my mind of all the things I wish to write about builds to a crescendo that needs quieting to successfully produce something I would be proud of.  Some of those thoughts run rampant, crowding in my brain, one crashing into another, giving no space for one before another totally unrelated to the other, pushes aside the previous thought. Stories from my past race by, with barely a second to catch a glimpse of how to recreate a moment of  joy, fear, excitements and laughter that is noteworthy to me.

I want to share my feelings, the emotional passions and panics with other readers. I desire to create stories from the things that Scott Beckum, Plinky, and the WordPress Staff so generously offer as thought-provoking topics to  reflect on such as: the “secret” faux pas my husband made on our honeymoon that was to funny not to share (and told my husband I would be telling everyone),  the story of the best gift I ever received (freedom), memories of the family antics, emotional connections with people past and present, experiences (both adventuresome and frightening) I’ve had over the years dealing with a mental illness I did not know I had till about 12 years ago…..

The fear that grips me when I do not meet the mark I set for myself causing me to want to mark the blog private instead of public…a delusion one can have fame and privacy in the same space of time….

My ego wants your approval, pretends it really doesn’t matter.  After all, what part of this is going to matter to me 100 years from now? Answer: None of it!

A peace comes over me as I breathe out a tiny portion of those overflowing thoughts on this page.

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  1. as you share your words, your story, one breath at a time, we are here to receive and welcome who you are.

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