This week’s Photo Topic “Old”

Can you image the sound of rows of desks with these, cranking out the letters, addressing envelopes, and doing payroll?


It was modern in its day

This is so old, the carriage is frozen, the ink ribbon, worn and tattered.

Taken with my iPhone, the only camera I own.


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6 responses to “Nostalgic

  1. I think that’s the typewriter I learned to type on. hee hee.

  2. Wow…that’s a great pic interpretation of the topic!

  3. Tony McGurk

    I had one similar to this when I was a teenager. I found it at the dump, put a new ribbon in it & it worked perfectly. Great photo. I am still trying to come up with an “OLD” inspired photo. A self portrait maybe???

  4. Hi Jax,
    the URL to your home page does not appear to be working

  5. TerryHink

    I appreciate you sharing this article post.Really thank you! Keep writing. – Schindel

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