For Amazing Ladies in my Life

Ahava ('love' in Hebrew), Cor-ten steel sculpt...

Ahava ('love' in Hebrew), Cor-ten steel sculpture

I dedicate this video to:

Rose, Patricia, Jeraldine, Lenore, Aunt Dee, and Paula, who I miss greatly!

Joceline and Barbara, whose heart is pure love! (Luv ya Heart!)

PiP, Stacey, Shelley, Donna and Stef, lady friends I’ve met via WordPress!

and Judy, Debbie, Jayme, and Darlene, friends for life.

and all the other beautiful women in the world!


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4 responses to “For Amazing Ladies in my Life

  1. There are so many beautiful ladies in my life, I did not name you all, please know I think of you all!

  2. Awesome, where would we be without the amazing women in our life? In another life, I worked just down the street from the EatonCentre in Toronto, it was never fun like this though. I loved seeing the smiles on everyone as they watched. Oh it truly doesn’t take a lot to brighten up people’s day! What are we waiting for?
    walk in beauty.

  3. Tony McGurk

    I find these Flash Mob videos amazing.

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