Lady Packing

Moving Truck

Image by netmonkey via Flickr

I may have found another apartment to move to.  I have been busy looking since January, and yesterday I happened by a senior community that isn’t even advertised.

The rent for the one I am in went up, as I knew it would.

This is to let my readers know I will be out-of-pocket for a while packing, and packing. and packing.  So don’t worry folks, I’ll still be around, just very tired.

My move is not till June, but I hate rushing.

I’ll check in from time to time, so don’t stop writing your great posts.


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7 responses to “Lady Packing

  1. will miss you. Moving is such a big job, take it slow and easy if you can.

  2. Alan Waterstreet

    Just let me know your all right. Alan

  3. good luck with moving. I will have to do it in august and I am dreading it!

  4. Tony McGurk

    I hate moving. You need my wife Shelley to help. I call her the Pack-o-matic. When there’s packing or unpacking to be done she goes like an absolute machine

  5. Yes true, I am good at it, but I am older and more tired so I’m not in the mood to move again for a long time. I hope your new home is lovely, and you enjoy it.***

    • Thank you Shelley, While I am dreading the move, I am looking forward to paying less. I sure wish you were here to guide me that’s for sure. Actually, I just thought of a better option, if I were extremely wealthy, I could get a ticket to come see Y’all, and hire out packers and movers and it be done by the time I got back~! that would be a hoot. But that isn’t going to happen, a girl can dream though, right.

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