IE7 to IE9 in seconds

Internet Explorer 9

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I downloaded IE9 tonight, skipping IE8 all together!  I think I am finally loving my computer.  It was so easy, and my computer is running faster.  I also disabled a heck of a lot of “add-ons”  that in itself has made a difference I am sure.

I like it so much, I might not go back to Mozilla Foxfire.


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4 responses to “IE7 to IE9 in seconds

  1. Hey Jaxie, where have you been?

    I’m glad you like the new IE9. I like my Firefox and I don’t know that I would use IE9 unless I had to because I was visiting the site.

    Since you love your computer so much now, does this mean you will write more? 🙂

    • Rose, You are one in a million!! I truely admire your steadfastness to your committments. I hope I write more…it is the frequency of the writing that is still in question. 🙂

  2. Tony McGurk

    I have IE8 on my computer but rarely use it. I have been using Firefox for a year or more but lately have been trialling Google Chrome. Chrome definitely seems much faster than FF so I may stick with that as my main browser. Glad your computer has been behaving

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