Learning from “The Time Capsule”

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I found a really neat way to get your story published and be paid for it.

First, You entice your reader to the point that they just have to know what happens next. Then you lead them to a site that has published your story, and they can buy it for a given amount, 99¢ is not much to find out how the story ends.

Such a thing happened to me yesterday, when after reading a freshly pressed blog, I followed a commenter to their blog, and began reading Copy Bird, by B. C. Young.  The only draw back is that I wanted the story to continue.  I now have a Kindle for PC.  Even if the story wasn’t worth the 99¢, which it was, the Kindle for PC  was free, and totally worth the learning experience!

Intrigued by this concept, I might try it myself sometime if I think I have a good enough story to share.  It would even be cooler if I got a million hits on it.

Okay, I have discovered something that has been around awhile, but it is new to me.  It was totally worth my time.


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2 responses to “Learning from “The Time Capsule”

  1. Hi Jaxie, Thanks for the information. This site is a new one for me. 🙂

  2. Tony McGurk

    99 cents is good if you get lots of hits. I read in a magazine about a man once here in Australia who needed a new wheel chair but couldn’t afford it. He put an ad in the same magazine asking for 1,000 (I can’t remember the exact amount) kind people to send him just $1 each so he could get his new wheel chair. He was inundated with mail & once he had enough for the wheel chair he sent all the extra money back to those who had provided return addresses.

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