Being Overwhelmed


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In my last post, I said I have had it.  It wasn’t about the computer’s performance so much, as it was my own ill-conceived ideas of daily responsibilities to write something I felt would be entertaining, to myself first, then others.  Overwhelmed by the mere fact of my inability to keep up with my commitment to write daily for the daily challenge, I simply quit altogether.

It seems to me that this is occurring with great frequency lately. Not just in my writing, but also other things, like my art work.  When I feel these panicking pressures, I shut down.  I still function, however, not whole soul functioning. I could write, but I would not produce the kind of writing I wish to promote.

My Doctor told me to write anyway when I am feeling this funk.  I want to write funny, poignant, thought-provoking stories.  I think I am failing when I can’t.  She said I would be surprised how many others might feel the same.  I know I’m not unique in my mental illness, but when those feelings strike, I think I am alone.  I am alone, no matter how many others might be in the same circumstance.

If you feel anything like this, please post a comment.  Tell me about your difficulties, show me I am really not alone. If nothing else, you can just say I have some nerve tagging this post with the postaday2011 challenge after missing so many daily post. (That last sentence is supposed to make you laugh)



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10 responses to “Being Overwhelmed

  1. Hi Jaxie, your doctor is right, write!!! You might be amazed at what happens if you just keep on writing.

    You have every right to keep tagging your posts postaday2011. This is a challenge and if you slip along the way it’s okay.

    It’s not a test that you pass or fail, or a contest that you win or lose. It’s a challenge to see how well you do all year long. You never know, by the end of the year you could be posting twice a day and have several blogs to do it on.

    Please don’t give up. I’ve missed you. 😦

    Please keep writing and amuse us in whatever way you can. 🙂

  2. I know that feeling of being overwhelmed and then shutting down oh too well. You just kind of keep going on automatic pilot but your creativity pretty much dries up or goes to sleep anyways.
    I too would encourage you to keep writing and to keep reaching out. YOU ARE NOT ALONE and the more we share our stories, the more we heal.
    walk in beauty.

    • Thanks for your comment, the part about creativity drying up, or goes to sleep has me picturing a “walking zombie’ for a time. Thank you for your encouragement.

    • Thank you so much Joss…there is comfort in knowing others understand.
      PS I have been reading your blogging post, sorry so late in the replying or commenting.

  3. Alan Waterstreet

    I too share the strive to excell and the inevitable shortfall in expectation Vs actual result. I can’t say it’s fun. You ( and I ) need to stay up as much as posable. We are not as different as you think.

    • Thanks Alan. Guess I might need to lower my expectations a bit, instead of raising them beyond achievement. But then again, there are those moments when expectation is met, so I guess its a trade off.

  4. Tony McGurk

    You are not alone. I have Anxiety Disorder & I am really obsessive about having to post daily. Some times I sit up late trying to come up with a post because I get anxious about not having done a post for the next day. Some times I post any old rubbish just so I don’t have to miss a day.

    • I am able to write in spurts. As soon as I feel I have to, the anxiety sets in and I seem to turn off. I am realizing its just time to back away when that happens. Its not worth losing my peace.

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