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Yes, there was a time, not so many years ago that computers were for major businesses, not a household item. And they filled large rooms with their tremendous  mass.  Now of course, one’s computer can fit in the palm of your hand.  I didn’t want the ball~n~chain of a cell phone….My sister Patricia saw to it that I had one, seeing I would be paying the bill for it.

First, e-mail.  The first email address I obtained was in 1997 or 1998.  I no longer have that “free Hotmail” account that I started with, but did keep my first Yahoo account.  as a daughter-in-law gave the name to me.  I love the name still, but only use it once or twice a year, to see if she sends me any pictures of my grandson.  I still hate emails that people forward over and over, (especially those that have some silly superstitious have to “forward” or else chain letters kind.)  I used to go through the letter and remove all that garbage and send it back to whoever sent it to me.  It was aggravating that they probably didn’t even read the changes I made and just sent it back. Grrrr.

Then came Facebook.  I learned to hate Facebook very quickly because of all the request to play games.  At first, I tried to keep up with the virtual farms, and hugs, and causes, and filling the blank games, but it became too much for me, so I quit Facebook.  Yes, I explained to my friends and family that I don’t do those virtual hogwash things, just talk to me, say, “Hi, thought about you!” That would be simple enough!!  But to no avail, my words still fall on deaf ears! 

I know via Rosemary’s post that Tweeting actually benefited a fellow blogger in Japan on the day of one of the recent great earthquakes.  However, in my ignorance I want to stay, and not Twitter Tweet, because its seems just one more thing people will use for stupid games. 

Sigh, alas…I will have to learn it I know…but I am a bit desirous of the simpler days of the phone ringing and ringing till you answered, or was busy if you were on it and they would have to call back again.


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3 responses to “Twitter~Tweet

  1. Tony McGurk

    I was on Facebook once but later deleted it after reading a report about the many security issues & how they share all your info with those application developers. I did one of those silly quizzes once & got a bad virus from it that killed our computer. The computer shop bloke who repaired it said that Facebook is an absolute haven for really malicious viruses because it is so popular the virus spreaders know they can spread their stupid viruses so easily. I have a twitter account merely to promote my blog posts but don’t know if anyone actually takes any notice of it. I really can’t see the point of it. I may delete that soon too. As for me I will just stick to blogging.

  2. Hi Jaxie, I’ve never played any games on Facebook and I really don’t do a lot with it. Twitter I’ve just recently signed up with and I like it because I can promote the blog. I’m having some fun with it.

    Thanks for the mention. 🙂

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