I’ve Had it!!

Garbage (song)

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Garbage in Garbage out they say!!!   I have had it with my computer today!  It has to have something wrong with it to be this slowwwwwww.  Yet, it is not slow all the time. Dang Puter!  This is all I can say about that! I’ve Had it!  Even the click and save images ask for more information before they can relate an image.  😐

Hopefully I will soon be in a better mood.  I don’t like writing when I am in this sort of state.

See Ya tomorrow…or not (to borrow a tag line from my “blogging up a storm friend”, Rosemary.) 😳


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7 responses to “I’ve Had it!!

  1. I had that day yesterday…see ya when you are ready 🙂 cheers…

  2. Alan Waterstreet

    Try using a regstry cleaning program. There are many free ones on the web. I like Esuing best, but most will do the job. They will ask you to buy their program but you can use it with out buying it.

  3. Mine gets like that sometimes then seems to come good on it’s own after a while. I usually go for a restart

  4. Hi Jaxie, sounds like you’re really having a rough time and you haven’t been around all week.
    Hope to see you back soon all smiles. 🙂

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