Check out my Guestbook!

As the week winds down in the  RandomBlogReading 2011 that Rosemary from “Things in life I find annoying, or not,” started, I followed a blogger (that checked me out) to their blog  (to check them out.)  What they had to offer was pretty darn cool!  I read, and read, and read some of the neatest, and kookiest posts by Tony McGurk in his “Life According to Tony” blog.  Tony’s style of writing reminded me of my dad’s story telling.  Paul C. (my dad) had 100 chicken stories that he would tell to Fred (our dachshund and Tidbit, a poodle he and my brother rescued as it flew into the air off a speeding truck going down Interstate 59, I’ll let my brother tell the story)

Thanks to Tony, I now have a Guest Book!!  it is too cool! Visit it, sign in, and be a star!

Thank you Tony McGurk!!!


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8 responses to “Check out my Guestbook!

  1. Looks nice Jaxie but I will have to come back when I have more time. I’ve fallen a little behind the last few days. I like it!! 🙂

  2. Thanks Rose, I think I accidently put two up so one will have to go, so dont do it yet-Love ya Lady friend!

  3. Kooky, surely not??? My blog is a very serious site :-p

  4. P.S. thanks for the shout out for my blog. I tried to sign your guest book but it got stuck on 5% loading. Will try again later

  5. I signed it 🙂 what a fun idea

  6. BTW don’t thank me thank my mental illness pills, all my posts come from a little box labelled Lexapro…

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