Hard evening at the post!

This week I am reviewing a couple of posts I visit for my part in the RandomPost Challenge 2011.  I know its me, but I am having a difficult time finding bust-a-gut humor today.

I’ve found real cute, and the turned-up smile, even a giggle…like in Pattie’s Glitz Glamor and Gas, post, and I found her poetry humor pretty funny;

Finding a gut buster, however, has been hard, but I know it’s just the mood I’m in. Kinda like this poor cat.

You think you're busy?!!

You Busy?!! I could use a little help here.


Just for fun, the Magnificent Minimalist is a great place to relax and have a laugh or two.  She’s a relatively new blogger, (not to me.) Someday she is sure to be syndicated!! You will get more from it if you start from the beginning.

Finally, there is a guy, William Panara, with a blog called “topiclessbar” that makes me laugh, and cry sometimes. Can’t leave a comment there, but you might get so involved in his really good stories about his travels that you don’t need too.

That’s all for now. Will return to regular scheduled programing .


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10 responses to “Hard evening at the post!

  1. Patti

    Thanks for the pingback! Glad to help spread some smiles. And I’ll be sure to check out your other recommendations. I like your idea of reporting on your blog hopping.

  2. I love that cat photo. 🙂

  3. I know this is total self promotion, but I believe this post of mine is a good gut buster. I know I still laugh about the situation a good bit! http://shanny.wordpress.com/2011/01/17/p-is-for-cantaloupe/

    Thanks for the suggestions. I visited those 2 blogs and heart them already!

  4. This cat pic made me smile, and I’ll be coming back here sometime to check out the other blog links you’ve made. Thanks!

  5. The cat photo is hilarious. Don’t ya just hate static cling???

    • I don’t know where the photo originated, I got it in an email. I thought of my grandson’s Elmo, when it falls down, it says, “Need a little help here, please.”

  6. I have to agree, maginificent minimalist does make you smile!

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