That’s What I’m talkin about!

Recently I found a blog that agrees with me, and has some documented statements that support the idea that humor (especially the bust a gut laughter kind) actually HEALS the body and soul.

I will indeed have to look for it again, as i got so excited wanting to write about it for my Random Blog reading challenge, that i closed it out…However, I did capture the link: HUMOR HELPS YOU HEAL

Wanna see the best picture for this weeks challenge??My vote goes to Barb with Curiosity! Awww~a Never share the stage with animals or children, they’ll upstage you every time.

I have not left a comment to all the places I visited today, but have a plan for tomorrow. and even though this place is not a “new” blogger, I feel it is worth my attention.  I want to come back and read more later. So for now, this is my RBR for today.

Tomorrow, the plan is to write a review of blogs that have me laughing!!! May be I will attempt a poll as well.

See you then.



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4 responses to “That’s What I’m talkin about!

  1. All in good time Jaxie. I love Barb’s photo too and the Humour post is good too1 🙂

  2. Yes I agree, laughter is good for you which is why I keep my posts not too serious. Found you on the RBC tag page. Have a great day

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