Blog Hopping

Today, I decided to blog hop.  I am finding blogs that I can click the “like” button a couple of times on each, or at least once.  This is a part of my commitment to random blog reading/commenting this week.  While I don’t speak Spanish, my first blogger was Edison Camara, and he is achieving a goal of a healthy body, and writes about it in English as well.

Then Stacey, “Walk a Mile in my Shoes,” another fellow blogger I found because she first found me.  She’s got some awesome photos, as well as neat stuff to say. I was particularly fond of her poetry page. Check it out here: Poetry in Motion.

Then out of the blue, using WordPress’s postaday directory, I chose Rochelle0704, and loved her “My Favorite Sounds” post from WordPress’s daily topics.  While the entire post reflects much of my feelings, I especially liked her last comment…I too want to someday hear something beautiful coming from my mouth in a singing celebration.


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10 responses to “Blog Hopping

  1. Hi Jaxie, nice to see you meeting up with some new bloggers. Have you joined the Blog Hop I mentioned in my post today? 🙂

    • Rose you’re the best. I can’t join another challenge, I am challenge “challenged”
      I am doing great right now, but one more thing in my coffee cup might have me go off over the edge, figuratively.
      I am enjoying meeting new bloggers…people having a common thread, and some zany way out there kind (also common) All thanks to you Rose for promoting via of the neatest avenues I’ve ever seen, The Random Blog Reading (RBR) to do that. 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing the two new bloggers you found. I’m going to hop right over and check them out myself. Good luck this week with your challenges.

  3. Thanks for the shout out 🙂

  4. I surf the postaday tag a few times a week, and try to leave comments whenever I can. It’s good stuff. 🙂

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