Random Blog Reading / Commenting Challenge

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There is a movement going on started by one of my favorite blogger’s, that I find pretty darn cool.  It is a challenge to read/comment on at least two new blog post a day. A day. Okay, let me repeat myself, A DAY!  I accept this challenge, and hope to carry out the task.  Adding random acts of kindness, a challenge that shouldn’t be limited to a special week, but rather performed several times throughout the year, is a great reminder of they way we should treat one another all the time.

So, I’ve added the random blog reading to my list of activities this week, (thank you Rosemary!)….hope to find ways of promoting other’s blogs this week, and commenting on them here in my WordPress‘s daily challenge of posting this week.  One thing this challenge will do for me is to hone some of these backtrack, er, trackback pingy things…oh, you know what I mean, or else you are in my boat too, and we are without a captain. 😐

And if I have an inspired (writing) geniuses of my own, I will attempt at least to give a summary of it…Not so much for your viewing pleasure, as it is to remind me of what it was I thought about, so I can attend to it sometime throughout this year.

The “Random Acts” thing, well, I think I already do that, so I don’t need to join that…..or list any act that I have done, or will do, that is between me and my God, Jehovah.


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14 responses to “Random Blog Reading / Commenting Challenge

  1. Thank you so much Jaxie! You’ve got the pingback working properly, I saw that before your post. You had me blushing when I saw it. 😳

    Hey, you can always read more than 2 blogs per day and spread more “likes” and “comments” all over the online community of bloggers.

    I really do appreciate your support Jaxie and with the way people are jumping on board today who knows where we will be by the end of the week. 🙂

  2. Just for you Jaxie, the blushing face is :ooops : with no space. 😳

  3. I love You Girl! You inspire me in many ways.

  4. 😳
    just trying it out

    WOOOHOOO!!!! Thank you sooooo much 😉

  5. Hi…I’m also a blog friend of Rose and am doing the challenge. Happy valentines day

  6. I have taken up the Random challenge too. It’s a great idea.
    A big super bonus thumbs up for mentioning Jehovah too!!!

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