No Apple for This Teacher

He looked like Phil Silvers, which was great, I liked Phil Silvers and his dry humor. But this guy was just plain dry – literally.

History! Geography! I love learning about historical people, places, events.  I am really interested in all things rock, except the leverite* kind you might find at a friends blog.

It was not always so.  My history and geography instructor in 5th grade has to be the worst teacher in the world!  He was very intelligent, he understood everything he told us.  However, his being able to make us understand the facts was extremely limited.

He was the teacher that spoke in a continuous, boring, put-you-to-sleep monotone voice.  Staying awake in his class was impossible, as his voice had less character than a clock ticking the seconds away, waiting for the bell to end this horrible class.

There is one thing about that class I will never forget.  I was being lulled to sleep by his voice, I would watch a sticky string of saliva attached to the upper and lower lip, stretching as he mouthed words of nonsensical verbiage.  On occasion the string would break, leaving two distinct spots behind.

Focusing on the seconds before the string break is all I learned in this class.

*Leverite rock: The kind of rock you leave right where you find it as it has no value.  Then there are the evil rocks which like kryptonite for superman, drains one of their power or otherwise nothing but dead weight.

The links above are to Magnificent Minimalist blog, that can have you laughing hard, or confuse you as you ponder what the meaning of it all is. Or may be you will have a relaxing break in your daily writing. You will probably want to subscribe to it like I did.  Enjoy.


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2 responses to “No Apple for This Teacher

  1. Ohmygosh, we had the same teacher, ha ha… All i can remember about my history teacher is that he absolutely put me to sleep more days than i can count (which would explain why I can only count from 1-10 in Spanish, ha). UNTIL one day it looked like he had a pierced ear, but had taken out the earring. Something about that struck me and i got the giggles, and he asked what I was giggling about… My history teacher looked quite a bit like the man in this photo, so imagine him with an earring hilarious! Whew, that was the longest class ever! Enjoy your blog!

  2. I once had a teacher who would show us movies because they were in the school but they had nothing to do with our class. Meanwhile we still hadn’t covered all the material that would be on the exam in 4 weeks time. As soon as the lights went down I would leave class and he never noticed me slipping out. 🙂

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