Sounds That Sooth me

Aside from Children playing, and their laughter,  I love the music of the rain.  Whether it be an affable gentle steady drops, or ardent hurricane winds, every kind of water falling from the sky is a sound I love hearing. 


Rain by Teodoro S Gruhl

courtesy of


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3 responses to “Sounds That Sooth me

  1. We have a screened in back porch and I love sitting out there on mys wing listening to the rain. There’s something special about the sound of rain, even fierce storms with strong winds have a kind of energy. I can fall asleep out there listening to gentle raindrops on the roof.

    walk in beauty.

  2. Hi Jaxie, I love the sound of rain too especially after an extremely hot day and it gently falls from the clouds. There is something just so calming about that sound. 🙂

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