Finding Excuse to Write

I can’t seem to get myself to go to WordPress and read, or write anything.  A total failure and really angry with myself about it, but that didn’t help.  I can’t even find a good reason why I was not writing.  I felt I failed my goals for writing a post a day, therefore had the feeling of total failure.  May be I’ll get back, may be not….I am making no promises this time…


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3 responses to “Finding Excuse to Write

  1. Jaxie, did you get a chance to see yesterday’s post about someone who feels they “failed” the challenge? Lots of good responses online; you may want to take a peek:


  2. Don’t let conceptual failure get you done–come to WordPress and enjoy it, but don’t let it inspire guilt. We adore you!

  3. Hi Jaxie, I see you decided to take a few weeks vacation time. 😉

    You’ve been missed, glad to see you back and writing again. 🙂

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