WACKY ADVICE: And the beat goes on…

SP 1518, the first EMD SD7 built.

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I had this English teacher, her name was Mom.  She got her paychecks from Southern Pacific Railroad, but she should have been a teacher of English.  I thought at first the wackiest thing she ever told me was I could not start a sentence with “and.” 

And, I was wrong! The wackiest, yet most useful of advice she gave me came with her response to every story I told her. Two or three times she would interrupt me with, “No, I don’t know, are you going to tell me?” 

This stumped me for months! After all, I just told her, how could she not know?  I finally got enough moxie to ask what did she mean.  Come to find out, my words at every pause was, “You know?”

She had the patience of Job, cause I know it must have made her skin crawl  every time I used that nonsense phrase.  She certainly made me aware of the real words coming out of my mouth.

Mom would also grab my hands while I was talking. It startled me so, I shut-up immediately….frozen like a deer caught in headlights

And she would laugh so hard.  I didn’t think it was funny. 

She said I was part Italian from somewhere, cause I just couldn’t talk without waving my hands in the air like a shadow boxer.


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4 responses to “WACKY ADVICE: And the beat goes on…

  1. What a great story! I imagine your mom as one feisty lady. 🙂

  2. Your Mom sounds like she was magnificently funny. =)

    (I figured out at one point that I’d say “You know?” helplessly when I was trying to talk to someone who wasn’t listening–I was trying to confirm that they heard me, but I was doing it subconscious style.)

  3. Stef and Magnificent, Thank you both very much! For different reasons, I love your blogs and get so much out of them. My mom was indeed the George Burns of our household. How she kept such a straight face, totally thinking it through to the end I will never know. But we now see she always had a plan for the end product!

  4. I have to ask, how old were you at the time and why didn’t she let you know sooner? That’s one of those annoying things in life. 🙂

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