Visiting Another Time

Sunrise in Paradise

Although I could not write about this during my recent “down-time” cycling of my bipolar illness (no, I wasn’t taking my meds properly ~DUH!). However, I knew the when & where I would want to spend an hour. Not in the past,  to me being anywhere near the past could be counter-productive (for me), even with the most awesome of peoples and times. 

 I choose an hour with Christ, after he has kicked evil’s butt off the face of the earth.  How awesome that moment would be. I would also like to bring the memory of that emotional moment  back with me to the present.  Wonder if I would try harder to please God. (My *higher power, to speak with acceptable political correctness)


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2 responses to “Visiting Another Time

  1. This was one topic I really didn’t have any firm ideas on; it’s cool to read about yours. 🙂

  2. I totally get the down time issue…I end up there occasionally myself 😉

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