Blogs and Bloggers and Topics, Oh My!

The Wizard of Oz. Find on the Saint-Laurent st...

Image by Errol ImagesMedia via Flickr

I know why I started blogging.  I thought I found a way to record my old stories.  I really want to *hear* the laughter in another, caused by me. Another reason is to keep my mind active. The question I can not answer is how did I get started.  Did I see an ad for blogging?  Did I read someones blog?  I looked back on the 27th of Dec 2010 (the day I created the blog) to see if I could find an answer.  Even the email I wrote inviting my friends and family gave no clue.

This is not good.  I can not remember how I found WordPress, or if WordPress found me.  This really bothers me.  What’s worse, is my detective skills are of no value since I erase my history several times a week to keep my computer running faster than with history stored.

I have to find the Wizard of Blog and ask him how it happened…follow the black n white road…follow, follow, follow, follow…follow the black n white road.

Of course, he’ll just say, “The answer is in your heart.”


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4 responses to “Blogs and Bloggers and Topics, Oh My!

  1. Hmm… this makes me wonder, is the ‘why’ more important than the ‘what’, or is it the other way around? A profound question, indeed….

  2. Well you have me laughing. I love your sense of humour. I wanted to leave a comment on your About page but didn’t see a link, yet you managed one. 🙂

    • Thank You very much, ClassyRose. Because of your comment, I was able to improve…there is now a way to comment on the About page. I had not even considered someone might want to do that. But more, I want to thank you for those great links to Brian Clark’s Copyblogger, in your WordPress blog. You give other wonderful advice and opinions to learn as well, just– As an amateur I need the helpful information. Thanks!! (our cats look related)

      • Well you asked for a smile on that page but I couldn’t leave one. But I have now. 😉

        You’re welcome for the links, that is a great site with a lot of useful information. Anything else you need visit the new Blogging Buddies page I set up on my blog and leave me a comment. 🙂

        I like your cat and they do look alike!

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