4 responses to “Why Can’t I Just Tell Them?

  1. You ruin steaks? How? I must say, I’m intrigued by that…

    I don’t cook meat, so I don’t ruin steaks. 🙂 But we’ll see how my year of recipe experiments go, and what I do or don’t “ruin” in that process. 😉


    • I really have to laugh Stef, I thought of you much when I wrote that. I’d have an excuse if I were vegetarian…but alas, it is because of my impatience

    • Just a note Stef, I thought of you not when I wrote that part about the steak–It was when I tried to find a picture of one. My thought was “HOW AWFUL LOOKING, IT’S JUST NASTY!” Thats when I laughed.. there is a lot to consider in carnivore vs vegetarian. For me to think of any vegetable, fruit, nut, grain or dairy as nasty it would have to be just plain rotten… I am still considering changing the photo. 😀

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