3600 Seconds Left

Just got the news, one hour to live.

1. Waste 30 seconds negotiating for more time.

2.  Thank God for the life I lived. -10 sec

 3. Ask forgiveness for anything I did wrong. – 20 more sec 

4. Call my son. (or text him) he is the most important human in my life.  -540 seconds       (I text slowly, cause I wait to get reply)

50 minutes left

5.  Take laptop to beach -600 seconds

40 minutes left

6. Set up chair & open laptop -600 seconds

7. Reread all the post that made me laugh -1,800 seconds *till eternity*

Author’s notes: this list took 15 min from thought to finish product.

picture: public domain used 01/11/2011 from http://www.asergeev.com/pictures/archives/compress/2005/432/06s.htm


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5 responses to “3600 Seconds Left

  1. Hilarious! Sounds very similar to what my countdown would be, except there’d be a vodka and cranberry in there somewhere!

  2. What a wonderful list! I think I would add some time in there getting hugged by my sweetie; perhaps sitting in his embrace as I re-read posts. Nah, forget that; I would spend my time just sitting in his embrace. 🙂

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