4 responses to “Blogging Tips | Learn This

  1. Thanks JaxieCat for the mention and reference to this article. I really am happy I raised that point and I stirred up a few emails from folks blog’s I read that made that exact public declaration, the reply to all comments. Anyway, I made a few people think about their site discussion areas and it is the most valuable part of blogging, so why fill it up with spam (even if it is friendly message from the blog owner) instead of promoting good discussion and valuable comments.

    I never had any negative experiences or comments blogging for the first few months so I was lucky I guess, some people are not very careful online thinking about how they might impact someone with a negative comment. If you ask me, anything written always sounds harsher than that spoken since there is no expression except the reader’s mood to take it how they want, which is often worse than intended. Don’t be discouraged by that if you see it blogging, set a good example yourself and people will follow and appreciate it, even if they don’t know why. And good luck with blogging, its a fun experience for sure!

  2. Mike, You are absolutely right about the written words only have the sound, or impact of the reader’s mind and imagination. It works the same in books or letters. One’s friendship letter might sound like a plea for true love, giving me an image of a teenage girl dancing round and round holding her (love) letter singing “He loves me!”, when in fact the poor boy was just saying, “Hi, how’s it going.” On the other hand, if the reader in question has no interest, might read the same letter and not ever see where it he or she says, “I really miss you.” and totally disregards as a wishful thinking the writer was not where they wanted to be, missing possible hidden agenda of the writers words.

    Thank you for being the first commenter on my blog, aside from my brother that is. I totally enjoy discovering the firsts of my blog, I feel unique. Pretty soon, it will just be a blog, like every other blog, only special to me because I am in charge of it. Another point you made with your article was, “To stay on topic in the blog, and in the comments.” I love learning. Today, I will experiment with a poll. That is why your web pages made such an impression on me. Thanks for your service to others.

  3. Keep at it JaxieCat. The best way to make more connections is to make some committment to comment on one or two other blogs every single day and you will definitely start finding some visitors and other people to connect with. it all happens automatically if you put your effort into other people’s blogs, and not just your own, that is the cool part about it beyond the connections. Good luck!

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