Humor Has It…

Have you found yourself literally laughing so hard people turn to see who’s making those weird noises?  I love those moments.  What makes me smile, however, are those little tickles. 

For example, this morning I hoped for a daily post inspiration be something humorous.  Apparently, living on the East Coast, there is a tremendous time difference as to when I get the update for the daily post. So while I wait for the new topic, I blog surf.

I found just such a thing today to give me that little tickle. 


I experimented with Press This and captured a little something to put in on my blog. 

I smile after finding an explaination of “pingback” in WordPress’s Introduction to Blogging 

I really smile to make my first link, as in above.

……..And it works!!

Smiling is easy, it lightens the heart and heals the soul.

Image used with permmision of misspinkles


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