6 responses to “Hello world! First Day at the Press! Dec 27th 2010

  1. I have arrived.
    Not knowing how this works, I simply deleted original comment and replied to this comment as my first post…
    I am reading through out the site this week. I intend to have an occational post till I actually know what is is I am doing, and how to do it. Bare with me, I have not even found the dashboard and tools center, so misspellings may occur frequently.

  2. Greetings and Salutations! This being my first successful start on a new venture, that is to say using an upgrade from graphite and tree pulp, to record my thoughts and ideas to a virtual world. My intent is to entertain, hopefully with thought provoking ideas, humorous stories, and other creative waves of sharing my moment with you, the spectator, the longed for audience.

    It has begun.

  3. I now have a blog just to talk to you online Cat.

  4. Alan

    Sure and then some. Just banter? Remember don’t look back, run like hell, they may be gaining on you.


    • You ever have on of those moment that send you racing off the top of a 13 story building at track record speed?

      Well I just had one.

      You see, I just completed a 300 word reply about being caught “cheating” in my using the word banter. It was poignant, humorous, and enlightening.

      Just when I finished….was en-route to clicking “Submit Reply”, when my cursor followed it’s own path, and I clicked “Cancel” instead.

      A Heart Wrenching Moment to say the least.

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